Fish Oil Depression - Don’t let Your Brain Fail For lack of "Good Fats"

Fish Oil Depression. Yes sir, you should use Fish oil for depression, to prevent bad moods, memory lapses, and many other afflictions of the mind and soul.
"Omega 3 and Exercise, 2 Good Weapons
Against Depression"

In this page we will disclose the main component of our brain, why it is important to give the brain the good fats, the harms of trans fats to your brain, Fish Oil Depression, omega 3 depression the behaviors related to the lack of omega 3, why is important omega 3 for depression, my final recommendations to avoid depression….... Stay tuned.

Most people are aware that Fish oil omega 3 have multiple health benefits, like protection against heart disease- Go to Fish oil and heart disease -and inflammation.

But many people are unaware of research indicating that DHA, a mayor component of omega 3 fatty acids, is critical in brain function, specially in children and old individuals.

Yes folks, fats make up to 60% of our brains. Like protein makes our muscles and calcium our bones, fats make our brain. But not any fat. We need a special fat, DHA, that’s is the major component of our brain. I repeat, DHA is the major component of our brain tissue.

That said, is very simple to understand why if we don’t supply our body with enough omega 3 there is going to be some unbalance in our brain chemistry. Therefore, in our brain function.

In that case, Omega 3 deficiency , instead of DHA our body uses whatever fats are available to work with: Omega 6 and Trans Fatty Acids. Go to What is Omega 3. , for a better explanation.

Fish Oil Depression - The Harm Trans Fats Do in Your Brain.

fish oil brain If you don't have much DHA in your blood, man-made trans-fat molecules may be used as the brain construction material, instead. But trans-fats (hydrogenated oils) are shaped differently than DHA: they are straight while DHA is curved.

If you repeat the scenario every day, you may end with depression, failing memory, bad moods. Do this to developing brains and you have children having difficulties learning, behavior problems in class. Their neurons have faulty connections with no omega 3 but Trans fats.

The eye is another perfect example of the importance of getting the right kind of fat. The retina of the eye has a high concentration of DHA, which the body forms from nutritious fats in the diet. The more nutritious the fat, the better the eye can function. And since most people are visual learners, better eyes mean better brains.

This should be a reason not to believe in those diets low in fats, good fats.

The connections our brain cells make with Omega 6 and Trans Fatty Acids, distort the normal pattern of the brain. Our Brain cells start to operate differently, less efficiently, producing abnormal behaviors. Subtle, delicate changes.

Omega 3 deficiencies create low levels of serotonine and dopamine that compromise the blood-brain barrier, which normally protects the brain from unwanted matter gaining access.

It also decreases normal blood flow to the brain, that is related to patients with depression and altered mood.

Fish Oil Depression - Fish Oil Importance At Different Ages

Children who have low amounts of DHA in their diet have reduced brain development and diminished visual acuity.

The increased intelligence and academic performance of breastfed compared with formula- fed infants has been attributed in part to the increased DHA content of human milk.

Some children with poor school performance because of Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD, have been shown to have insufficient essential fatty acids in their diet.Omega 3 for depression not a bad idea.

There are two parts of life where brain nutrition is specially important: infancy and the last decades of life. Growing and aging brains need more Omega 3 fish oil.

DHA is essential for the growth and functional development of the brain. DHA deficiencies in infancy have been associated with visual impairment and the later development of disorders including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

If you feed the aging brain with the wrong fats, Trans fats or Omega 6, there may appear some deterioration of the central nervous system. Low levels of DHA are related to Alzheimer’s disease. In a study tracking DHA levels in 1,188 elderly American subjects for 10 years, Alzheimer’s disease was 67% more likely to develop in individuals with low DHA levels.

Depression and Winter

Fish OIl Depression - Some Behaviors Associated With Omega 3 Deficiency:

  • Depression.
  • Bipolar disorder or maniac-depressive illness.
  • Concentration difficulties.
  • Some Schizophrenias.
  • Aggression.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • Postpartum depression.

Fish Oil for depression has been known for quite some time. Where fish is common, depression is more rare. Studies show that the levels of the long chain omega-3’s in blood of depressed people are lower in those with more severe depression. Omega 3 for depression is based in the regulation of the brain chemical serotonin, a natural anti depressant. It has been called the nature's Prozac.

Fish Oil Depression - Studies Relating Fish Oil and The Mind

A study in Belmont, Massachusetts, with suicidal depressed patients divided them in two groups, one taking 9 grams/day of omega 3 fatty acids, the other with a placebo. After 4 months they stopped the study for ethical reasons. They thought it was unethical to denied the placebo group the great benefits of fish oil. Omega 3 for depression, a good alternative.

Some schizophrenics have low blood levels of DHA. When they received the Fish oil their symptoms became less severe, less apathy and uncooperative behavior, less hallucinations and aggression.

Even monkeys reared on omega-3 deficient diets exhibited restless and unsettled behavior.

In a study published in 1999, Fish oil was used as an alternative to Lithium, in bipolar disorder. Omega 3 had good mood stabilization effects without the negative side effects of traditional medications (i.e. Lithium), such as cognitive dulling, weight gain, tremors, drowsiness, acne, and kidney problems. Patients can lead normal lives, enhanced mood stability.

Children with ADD and ADHD when given Fish oil improved more than when given Ritalin. Behavior, concentration and parent bonding improved for more than 90% of the children studied. What else can we say? What drug can do that?

Psychiatric research claims that a third of violent acts among prisoners can be avoided by giving them an even amount of omega-3 and vitamin supplements.

Dementia is associated with low DHA levels. Dementia now affects about 47% of the population over 80 years of age in Western countries. Research has confirmed the association between low DHA and EPA levels and impaired cognitive function. Other studies have found that fish oil supplementation improves mood, cooperation, appetite, sleep, and short-term memory in Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Fish Oil Depression - My Suggestions To Avoid Depression.

In addition to fish oil for depression, there are a number of options for you if you may be afraid of getting it, or are suffering from it: Your Diet and Exercise.

A diet high in Omega 6 , that is high in grains and carbohydrates, is pro depression. You should limit your carbohydrates to vegetables and a few fruits. No grains or cereals. For more information go to Nourishment. There is more evidence every day that exercise should be taken as a Drug. Yes sir, as a drug it should be carefully applied everyday. At the intensity, frequency and duration necessary to get the right results. For more, go to my page on exercise .

Fish Oil Depression. Seven Surefire Ways to Increase Your Brain Power!

If you think you may have depression, Neuro-Natural Serenity is one of our 4 Neuro-Natural Range products. It is specifically formulated to help with states of depression, stress and anxiety, and to provide correct nutrition to the brain and nervous system. Please read Depression

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