Diabetes And Fish Oil - The Magic Of Omega 3

"excess body weight increases the risk of getting type 2 diabetes"

Diabetes And Fish Oil - What is Diabetes? What Types are There?

If you are reading this page you are probably aware that diabetes and fish oil are very closely linked: fish oil is an unrivalled weapon against the dreadful outcome that may await many diabetics.

Diabetes is a chronic disease typified by high levels of blood sugar. Diabetic patients are unable to release sufficient insulin from their pancreas to regulate the level of glucose in their blood. Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes, fish oil diabetes Essentially, there are two main types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Type 2 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a condition in which the pancreas is attacked by the body's immune system thereby making it incapable of making insulin. The immune system produces antibodies that harm body tissues and attack the pancreas cells, responsible for insulin production.

Type 1 diabetes is also known as Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus and it may be genetically inherited. A patient affected with Type 1 Diabetes has to rely on insulin medication.

Type 2 diabetes is also known by the name of Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus. In type 2 diabetes, patients’ bodies produce insulin which is either inadequate or the insulin receptors have become saturated (insulin resistant). The excess insulin produced is generally compromised; this is more frequent in type 2 diabetes.

Despite high glucose levels, the production of insulin continues. Although this was a noted phenomenon in adults above the age of 30 years, bad eating habits and excess body weight increases the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

A diet rich in processed foods (anything that comes from a factory and is packaged) is intimately related to excess weight, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other degenerative disease.

Diabetes And Fish Oil- Metabolic Syndrome

Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes, omega 3 and diabetes Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions associated with metabolism that occur in a person’s body at the same time. These conditions include:

People with metabolic syndrome have a much higher risk of getting diabetes. Having one or more of these conditions increases the risk of acquiring diabetes as well as other serious diseases of the heart.

Diabetes And Fish Oil - Terrible Consequences Of Diabetes

terrible consequences of diabetes Diabetes is a chronic condition which is certain to be lifelong. In this case, daily measures need to be taken in terms of diet control and exercise, to keep insulin and triglycerides triglycerides under strict control, so that the impact of diabetes can be minimized.

Diabetes is also known to have an effect on the life expectancy of an individual; research indicates that the life expectancy of diabetic patients may be reduced by as many as 15 years.

Furthermore, it can severely affect every organ in the body, from your brain down to your legs and make your life miserable in every possible way. Pay attention young folks, maybe you don’t give a lot of attention to your metabolic syndrome symptoms but now is the time to act and take drastical measures to change your life habits.

In light of all these factors, it is imperative to take steps to avoid the situation from getting out of hand. Diet control and regular exercise are absolutely necessary in order to lead a healthy life with diabetes.

The ingredients of items of food need to be closely examined. Consider consuming more mono-saturated fats like olive oil which is good for heart health, and pay attention to reduce carbohydrates, high-fiberfoods, sugar-free and fat-free products.

Diabetes And Fish Oil - Diet and Exercise

Regular exercise can go a long way in improving blood sugar and triglycerides level as well as overall cardiovascular health. Patients with type 2 diabetes can control their blood sugar levels by incorporating lots of exercise in their lifestyles and controlling their diets. This can help them in the long run and prevent the need for taking medication as well.

Research demonstrates that including in one’s diet fish oil reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. Although no direct correlation has been established between the consumption of fish and diabetes, researchers suggest that fish oil has no detrimental effect on diabetic patients, is one of the best natural ways to control triglycerides and should be considered for managing diabetes.

Patients with type 2 diabetes are known to have high levels of triglycerides in their blood level. A study conducted in France to check these concerns revealed that consuming fish oil lowers the level of triglycerides in blood. As a result, it was concluded that fish oil may help with diabetes.

People with diabetes are also exposed to the risks of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Consequently, any form of dietary intervention like fish oil would significantly work to lower blood pressure and risk of heart disease, in addition to lowering the levels of triglycerides in blood.

USA, Norway, Canada, Italy, France and a few others countries have conducted research which indicates that adding fish oil to the diet reduces the threat of heart-related diseases and metabolic syndromes. The recommended dosage of fish oil for diabetics starts at 6 grms per day of fish oil. After a few weeks, test your blood and adjust the dosage accordingly. The idea is to get triglycerides under 100, not 180 as some physicians say. You may have to go up to 10 or more grams per day of fish oil.

Diabetes And Fish Oil - Final Suggestions

suggestions for fish oil and diabetes I have seen some friends end up almost blind, with their legs amputated, leading a miserable life. You don’t want to wait until it is too late to start taking action.

Believe me folks, start by getting an unconventional doctor who KNOWS how to make diabetics to stay in remission, without conventional drugs. This may be possible, but if you go to a conventional medicine doctor you will be his patient for all your life and you will always be a sick patient.

In order to stay healthy you will probably have to do medium-high intensity exercise every day of the week (this keeps you hormones and triglycerides under control), forget about sugar, bread, grains, cookies, sweets of all kinds, and have a high fat (“good fats”) and protein diet( keeps insulin low).

Besides all you read and hear from doctors, there is one thing that is of paramount importance for your health: Take your health into your own hands (not the doctor’s or anyone else’s), be responsible for yourself.

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