News About CQ10 and Heart Disease

CQ10 And Heart Disease.Do you know what the top-selling drug in the world right now is? It’s Lipitor, the statin drug made by the drug giant, Pfizer.

"If you have heart disease you should
supplement with CoQ10"

The drug companies love these big profit blockbusters. But there’s a big problem… CQ10 And Heart Disease

What most people don’t know – including most doctors – is that these drugs rob you of your most important heart nutrient. And, the timeline on the research compared to the drug companies’ actions is damning. Let me explain.

I’ve told you before about the importance of CoQ 10. It’s the primary engine behind the “slow burn” of metabolism, the fundamental process that turns raw calories into power for healthy living.

In fact, CoQ10 accounts for 95 percent of the energy your body makes. It’s the source of the vital energy and inner strength that’s been with you since the day you were born.

CoQ10 is especially crucial to heart health. Your heart needs enormous amounts of energy to function properly – and CoQ10 is its main power supply. Consider this: if your heart’s CQ10 levels were to decline by 75 percent, it would stop beating.

Drug companies continue to overlook this basic fact, even though there have been hundreds of studies proving how important CQ10 is to keep your heart pumping strong. In my own medical practice, I’ve been able to literally wipe out heart disease with CoQ 10 supplements.

This also hasn’t caught on among heart specialists. For some reason, they’ve taken a head-in-the-sand approach to CQ10 heart therapy (maybe because, as a natural chemical compound, drug companies can’t patent CoQ10 as a drug). The research on this goes back nearly twenty years:

  • In a study published in 1990, scientists found that lovastatin, one of the most popular heart drugs at the time, actually worsened heart health in patients hospitalized for cardiovascular disease.2 Lovastatin drove their CoQ10 levels down to dangerously low levels. When they were given CoQ10 supplements, their heart health immediately improved.
  • Research from a 1999 study confirmed this finding.3 The heart specialists who wrote it warned that statin drugs affect the same biological process that produces CoQ10, with potentially dangerous consequences.
  • Then in 2002, another key review of 30 years of research reinforced the hazardous impact heart drugs have on CQ10 levels.4 The author found that this was true not only of statin drugs but other popular heart treatments as well, including gemfibrozil, Adriamycin, and certain beta-blockers.

What’s even more unbelievable is that the makers of these drugs have known about this problem for years. Merck & Co., one of the biggest statin drug companies, went so far as to patent a treatment in 1989 that would combine statins with CQ10 to offset the threat they pose to heart health...and then buried it.

The language of the patent acknowledges the problem, noting that drugs including lovastatin, simvastatin, and pravastatin keep your body from making CoQ10. Yet they later decided it was better if you didn’t know that!

That was 18 years ago, just as research was emerging on this critical issue. Yet no such treatment has come on the market. This is one of the biggest untold stories on statin drugs.

The bottom line: even if you have heart disease, you should stay away from statins. The possible consequences of low CoQ10 levels go way beyond heart health. Your brain, liver, pancreas, and other major organs need it to do their jobs.

Instead, talk to your doctor about CoQ10 treatment. I use 100 mg per day in my patients, and the benefits have been dramatic: lower blood pressure, reversed heart damage, and improved heart function.

You can find CoQ10 supplements on line. Since it’s a fat-soluble compound, look for brands that combine it with a healthy fat. The most active type of Coq10 you can find is in the Ubiquinol form, ask for it. This helps your body to absorb it. Or you can take it with a teaspoon of olive or cod liver oils.

By Al Sears, MD

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